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Testes and Scrotal Conditions
Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting

Testes and scrotal conditions

Common conditions in children include:
– Undescended testis: (Testis normally develops inside the tummy and drops down into scrotum at birth. It can remain high up along the path) If the testis has not descended by six months of age it will require surgical correction to bring it down into scrotum and suture in place.
– Hydrocele: fluid around the testicle is another common totally harmless condition. If it has not resolved and is increasing in size, may require surgical correction

Common conditions in Adults:
– Cysts arising from the Epididymis: presence as a soft lump located above all behind testes. Surgery is indicated only if a large cyst is causing discomfort
– Hydrocele – fluid around the testes. Curative treatment is by surgery to drain the fluid and remove the sac that contains the fluid.
– Varicocoel – cluster of veins, that feels like a bag of worms, usually in the left scrotum. If large and is causing discomfort, it can be treated by embolisation as an outpatient procedure. Nowadays surgery is reserved for recurrent cases.
– Testicular tumour: this may present as painless lump in the body of the testes that enlarges in size. They’ve may or may not be any discomfort. The common age group is 15- 40 years. It is essential to carry out regular self-examination is to identify the problem early, so it can be cured. Blood tests may be helpful and an ultrasound scan is confirmatory in most cases. Initial treatment involves removing the testes with subsequent radiotherapy/chemotherapy