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Chief of Medicine


Our Doctors

Mr. Bernard Potluri

Mr. Bernard Potluri

Our Surgeon

All your services will be personally provided by Mr Potluri and his dedicated team.

Mr Bernard Potluri qualified with a MB BS in 1977. He then obtained masters in general surgery in 1981 and was elected Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1989. Mr Potluri gained a diploma in urology from the Institute of Urology and University College, London in 1991.

Dr Venkat Shenoy

Dr. Venkat Shenoy


The profile for Dr. Venkat Shenoy is currently being updated. We thank you for being patient in this time.

Dr. Shashi Gopinath

Dr. Shashi Gopinath

Consultant Anaethetist

Dr Gopinathi is a Consultant Anaethetist practicing for nearly 22 years. Dr Gopinathi’s NHS base is Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex. Within the private medical sector Dr Gopinathi has practice privileges at various hospitals in the Essex and Hertford areas.


Diplomas and Сertificates of our Doctors

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