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 Excerpts from What Patients Say


June 2017: Thank you 

May 2017: Many thanks for everything you've done.

April 2017:  Thank you note written by a 13 year old patient

"Thank you for fixing me up and taking so much time and putting so much care into the operation. I cannot thank you enough as this has allowed me to do so much more and not worry about the issue that I came with. I liked all the staff and had an amazing experience and will never forget your kindness."

March 2017: Thank you with gratitude for a happy decade and hopefully more to come being  clear from cancer


December 2016:  "Thank you very much for seeing me. After a week of worry my mind was put at rest!  Great to meet you"

December 2016:  Comments from a recent independent patient feedback survey conducted by www.clarity.co.uk

"Truly Excellent consultant "

"Dr Potluri has shown himself to be an outstanding doctor in terms of his medical expertise and his ability to listen carefully to any questions and to answer them in an honest and professional manner. Outstanding by any standards."

"Mr Potluri is professional, polite, and thoroughly knowledgeable, who puts p patients at ease and acts properly at all times.. He is to be recommended."

"I have to say the Doctor is about the nicest gentleman I have had the pleasure to meet. He has excellent bedside manners, he is very clear in what he says, and I am totally confident in his ability. very pleased with the whole treatment."

"Bernard Potluri is always polite ,professional very friendly and put's me ease when he explains clearly what options and treatments he intends to follow or are available I always feel comfortable and accept his diagnosis as I trust him."

"I have come to know Mr Potluri quite well (in a Professional capacity) and have over the last 8 years gained a great deal of admiration for his skills and abilities. I have complete and utter trust in him as my Consultant Surgeon. I have no doubts whatsoever that he helped save my life, and, for that I will be forever grateful. He is a fine example of what a first class doctor should be. A man that cares about his profession and his patients."

"Kind, efficient, courteous care"

"Everything was perfect for me"

"I replied about my last visit which was not today. I have every confidence in him, his ability, and the results of his treatment. He is an expert in his field to the best of my knowledge. He is not my GP just dealing with a specific problem"

"Mr Potluri was polite, understanding and comforting. I was very confident in him and his ability to deal with my problem. "

"I was late for my appointment, due to traffic jam, but did not have to wait long to see Mr. Potluri. He was courteous, efficient & kind. He explained the procedures I had undergone so I could understand. Thankfully there is nothing serious lurking, but if I experience pain in the bladder again I should return for further investigations. Thank you for looking after me. "

"Very pleased with procedure, and care today. It was very efficient, informative and friendly."

"Very good bed side manner , made me feel very comfortable considering what I was having treatment for. I believe that he has a strong ability to recognise the character of the patient and adapt accordingly in the manner that he speaks and discusses treatments All good . "

"Mr Potluri has the skills and experience to treat each patient as an individual rather than merely another case. For any patient this is both welcome and reassuring. I shall have no hesitation in seeing Mr Potluri again latter this year."

"Excellent bedside manner and would be happy to see Dr Potluri again. "

"Mr Potluri has a great technique (bedside manner) and really knows how to apply his skill. I feel lucky to have him treating me."

"Very pleased with the outcome of my operation "

"Reassuring, friendly and thorough - he actually did more than I expected and I'm confident that he will be my first call in the future. "

"I think my response to your Questionnaire says it all, wish all Doctors were like him!!!!"

"The Doctor was thorough in examination and fully explained the Treatment required and post this appears to have solved my problem for which I am grateful for his expertise all of which was carried out in a professional manner."

"fantastic doctor"

"Bernard is extremely able and a superb Doctor all round."

"I have been a regular patient of Dr Potluri for past 7-8 years. I find Dr Potluri an extremely caring and friendly towards his patients, additionally he is knowledgeable and capable in his field . "

"I am very grateful for the skill and care my doctor has shown me in dealing with my condition. He has given me the opportunity of a normal life, which might not have been the case without the treatment I have had."

Click here to see recent patient feedback report from Mr Potluri's patients

November 2016: Click here to see recent colleague feedback on Mr Potluri

November 2016: "Thank you for  your kind comments about care received from Mr Potluri & team" - Reply from hospital manager  in response to patient feedback.

October 2016: Just to say fantastic feedback from my good friend you saw last night. He thought you were a "real gent" and felt he was treated like "royalty". I'm sure all your patients think that. - Compliment from a hospital manager

October 2016: "Thanks once again for your advice and expertise this past week, it’s greatly appreciated"

September 2016: "Thank you for all your help"

April 2016: "Thank you so much for a successful surgery and for your help and patience in answering my questions, whenever I needed your guidance. A BIG Thank you"


November 2015: “The consultant was knowledgeable, kind and efficient" (Ramsay Health Care patient questionnaire)

September 2015: “Excellent. I would like to mention how Mr Potluri was so good and reassuring” (Ramsay Health Care patient questionnaire)

August 2015:  Thank you very much for taking care of me through a very difficult period. You have been very professional yet very friendly and approachable”

June 2015: “Thank you for the wonderful care you gave me” (Ramsay Health Care patient questionnaire)

April 2015: “A big thank you to Mr Potluri and all the staff”

March 2015: "Very quick to respond" (Review on Whatclinic.com)

February 2015: “Thank you for your care which is much appreciated”


December 2014: Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and support with my prostate operation”

November 2014: “Thank you for the recent consultation with regards to my prostate cancer. I really appreciate the time you spent with me discussing. You gave me the confidence to go ahead with my operation”

October 2014: "It was a very speedy reply, and a lovely conversation over the phone"(Review on Whatclinic.com)

October 2014: “Thank you for your consultation and advice”

July 2014:  http://gooddoctor.com/doctor.php?id=4830636  

july 2014.jpg

complement on NHS choices website 140414.jpg


April 2014: “I am very grateful for the suggestions and reassurance following my recent consultation with you"

April 2014:  “I am very grateful for the suggestions and reassurance following my recent consultation with you"


September 2013: "I am writing to commend your hospital and staff, and particularly Mr. Potluri, for a very successful outcome of treatment and operation. Throughout my visits I have found that your procedures worked well and that the staff  are conscientious, courteous and attentive to their patients. I particularly wish to thank Mr. Potluri for his excellent care and skill, and also the nursing staff (Meadow ward) who attended to me whilst an in-patient, and also those who conducted a rather sensitive Urodynamic investigation. All staff acted in a very professional, polite and considerate matter.”  

August 2013: "The operation you carried out is a success, and resulted in pregnancy"

April 2013: "I am obliged to you for patiently listening to my concerns and for carefully reassuring me on all issues. Thank you."

 accolade on patient opinion March 2013.jpg


September 2012: "My sincere thanks for your kindness and consideration over the years in treating my bladder cancer"
May 2012: "Many thanks for your consultation - very informative and helpful"
April 2012: "Thank you for all your help and guidance"
March 2012: "Excellent service and a very good job done"  

February 2012: "Massive thank you for your expertise and skills. It was a complete success! Our son was born in December 2011'


May 2011: "You carried out a successful vasectomy reversal. We now have the most wonderful 13 month old boy - the best gift any one could ever have! We'll certainly never forget you."

March 2011: “The op has been a great success! Thanks for all your trouble" 


November 2010: "I am extremely grateful to you and your colleague, for achieving a very considerable improvement in my symptoms"
October 2010: “It was a great pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your care. I am feeling much better"
July 2010: "My husband thought very highly of you both as a consultant and a person" - a patient's wife


December 2009: “I am grateful for the wonderful treatment I received during my operation and the following care. My special thanks to Mr Potluri and the team"
November 2009: “Thank you for your skills and care! I can't believe how much better I am since the procedure. I am very grateful"
November 2009: "Thank you for the considerate manner with explanation, which continues the same high standard of care I have received"
October 2009:“Thank you very much for talking to ......... He was very grateful and feels reassured" - Local GP
October 2009: “Thank you very much for your helpful letter. I am grateful to you for sorting out this patient" - Local GP
September 2009:"Many thanks for the great care you took of ................"
September 2009:“Thank you so much for looking after.... He had such faith in you. 10/10 for bedside manner!"
September 2009: “I found your website to be very helpful in undertaking my research on the prostate. Thanks so much!" - College student from New York
July 2009: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking after my husband. He could not have been in better hands" - a patients wife
July 2009: “It is now 1 year since my procedure. I have had no bladder problems since then. Thank you very much!"
June 2009:“My sincerest thanks to you and your team for all you did for ........"
May 2009: “My sincere thanks for all thine own skills and experience. I look forward to future meeting."
May 2009: "Thank you for all your care and attention which you took over my problem"
March 2009:"Thank you and your team for the skill, care and attention you gave me during my stay"
February 2009:“Thank you and your team for the professional but also personal treatment you afforded me. It was good to have the operation quickly, enabling me to get back to my normal life"
January 2009:''I am most grateful to you and very pleased by the outcome"

January 2009:''Thank you for the excellent care you have given me. I had the TURP and made a good recovery"


December 2008:'' Thank you for everything you have done for me, it is very much appreciated”
December 2008:''Just a quick note to thank you so much for looking after my mother recently. I am so grateful for your evident hard work!"
November 2008:'' I would like to thank you for the care and attention you gave me when I saw you"
November 2008:'' I would like to thank Mr Potluri and all the personnel involved in my care following the surgical procedure. I received excellent treatment both during my stay in the hospital and at my outpatient appointments"
November 2008:'' May we extend our sincerest thanks for the care and attention received"
October 2008:''Thank you for all your help to both my patients and myself over these past years. I have really appreciated your availability and willingness to discuss individual patients and clinical concerns directly " - a retiring local GP
July 2008:'' The operation you conducted has been successful. On behalf of my wife and me, we would like to extend my gratitude to you. "
June 2008:''Thank you for the care and attention that you have shown over the last 4 weeks”
May 2008:'' I very much appreciated the extra time and attention during my recent concerns”
May 2008:'' I would like you to know that the care and attention I received was excellent in every respect”
April 2008:''Our sincere thanks for your patience and support at this very stressful time"
April 2008:'' I am writing to say a great big thank you for looking after me throughout my whole operation. It was very reassuring to have such a kind doctor operating on me"
April 2008:''Thanks for the quick response and advice'
March 2008:'' Thank you for the kind and efficient way you treated me during my visit to your department"
February 2008:'' Thank you most sincerely for all the care & attention you have given my husband"
February 2008:'' Thank you for your assistance in trying to establish the source of my problems"
February 2008:'' Thank you for the very successful outcome of the surgery and for the very professional and courteous manner in which I have been treated since I first met you"

February 2008:'' My sincere thanks for your attention, counsel and surgical skill since I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer. The outcome has allowed me to resume a normal and enjoyable retirement"


December 2007:'' Thank you for the help and advice you have provided me with over the last 12 months ''
December 2007:'' Thank you for looking after my husband who recently passed away. He always enjoyed speaking to you and thought very highly of you”
November 2007:“Many thanks for your involvement in the management of my brother’s prostate condition. Our medical fields are a long way apart but your informational website has helped to bring me back up to speed with some adult urology " - a Consultant colleague in NHS
October 2007:'' Thank you for the care you have given to my father"
September 2007:'' I would like to re-iterate my gratitude for all the kindness and help you have given to me in the recent years"
September 2007:'' First of all my husband and I would like to thank you for the fantastic way that he was treated to a first class service. You have made our dreams come true as we are expecting a baby following the reversal operation."
June 2007:'' Thank you for your information on bladder biopsies. It was very helpful and much appreciated”
March 2007:'' I was extremely grateful for your patience, understanding and kind advice which was highly impressive and much appreciated. After the National Health Service, it was like being in another world! "

Jan 2007:'' Thank you ... seems so little to say for so much. Thanks for all your help”


November 2006:'' Very many thanks for your kind attention re my problems during the past 18 months”.
May 2006:"Thank you for your assistance which enabled Mr....to be assessed promptly. Both the patient and his wife are thankful for the swift way the problem was dealt with “feedback from a local GP
March 2006:'' Thank you so much for your caring consultation''
February 2006: '' I am writing to convey my heartfelt thanks for your handling of my recent case. Your kind and reassuring manner allayed any fears that I had and your patience in answering my questions, clearly explaining my options was a pleasure to see ''


December 2005:'' I cannot thank you enough for your help at a difficult time''
November 2005:'' Just a quick note to say thank you for looking after my dad. Although it is only a minor op, it is a great comfort to know he was being looked after so well ''
September 2005:'' May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team of doctors for your excellent treatment I have received over the last few years''
August 2005: “Thank you for making the whole experience less anxiety provoking! We are grateful for your professional approach and friendly support"
July 2005:'' But for you and your wonderful team, I doubt if I would be writing this letter. I am so grateful to you all ''
May 2005: '' Thank you for our meeting. You are very polite and courteous in times when the NHS is very stretched ''

April 2005: "I am sorry I could not meet you personally to thank you sincerely for having looked after my ailment"


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