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Testis & Scrotum Procedures

NOTE: Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting. The information links below are courtesy of British Association of Urological Surgeons. Mr Potluri is a full member of this Association. Please click on the "PDF" next to the procedure to open the information link. 

Surgery for benign scrotal conditions

Biopsy of testis ± storage of tissue PDF 

Embolisation (radiological) of a varicocele PDF 

Exploration for suspected torsion of the testis PDF 

Fixation of one (or both) retractile testicle(s) PDF 

Insertion of an artificial testis (prosthesis) PDF 

Laparoscopic clipping/tying of a varicocele PDF 

Open clipping/tying of a varicocele PDF 

Orchidopexy for an undescended testis PDF 

Removal of a cyst from the epididymis PDF 

Removal of part or all of an epididymis PDF 

Repair of a congenital hydrocele/hernia PDF 

Repair of an adult hydrocele PDF 

Simple (scrotal) removal of a testis ± silicone implant PDF 

Vasectomy PDF 

Vasectomy reversal PDF 

Surgery for suspected testicular cancer

Radical removal of a testis through the groin ± silicone implant PDF 

Retroperitoneal excision of abdominal lymph nodes PDF 

Non-procedural testis & scrotum information

Chronic prostatitis symptom questionnaire (NIH-CPSI) PDF 

Chronic testicular pain due to epididymitis PDF 

Instructions on testicular self-examination PDF 

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