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Bladder Procedures

NOTE: Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting. The information links below are courtesy of British Association of Urological Surgeons. Mr Potluri is a full member of this Association. Please click on the "PDF" next to the procedure to open the information link. 

Cystoscopy (inspection of your bladder)

Flexible cystoscopy ± biopsy or stent removal PDF 

Rigid cystoscopy ± biopsy or stent removal PDF 

Cystoscopy with other procedures

Bladder stone crushing (endoscopic litholapaxy) PDF  Video

Bladder tumour resection (procedure information) PDF  Video

Bladder tumour resection (Recovery information)   PDF

Bladder washout for blood clots PDF 

Botulinum toxin-A (Botox®) injections into the bladder wall PDF 

Cystoscopy & retrograde studies PDF 

Cystoscopy & stent procedures PDF 

Hydrostatic distension (stretching) of the bladder PDF 

Stretching of the bladder neck (dilatation) in women PDF  

Bladder instillations

Instillation of anti-cancer drugs into the bladder for chemotherapy PDF 

Instillation of BCG into the bladder for immunotherapy PDF 

Instillations for painful bladder conditions PDF 

Catheter-related procedures

Catheter valves PDF 

Management of a urethral catheter PDF 

Permanent suprapubic catheter (in men) PDF 

Permanent suprapubic catheter (in women) PDF 

Self-catheterisation in men PDF 

Self-catheterisation in women PDF 

Suprapubic catheter insertion PDF 

Trial without catheter (TWOC) PDF

Urodynamics (pressure tests on the bladder) PDF 

Non-procedural bladder information

Bladder training PDF 

Incontinence questionnaire (ICIQ-UI)  PDF

Input/output chart (bladder diary) PDF 

Interstitial cystitis questionnaire PDF 

Nocturnal polyuria (passing too much urine at night) PDF 

Overactive bladder questionnaire (ICIQ-OAB) PDF

Self-help information for recurrent cystitis in women PDF

Treatment options for overactive bladder (OAB) PDF 

Treatment options for stress urinary incontinence (SUI)PDF 

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